As a child, my friend and I would lay in the grass and look at clouds for forms that looked like something familiar. She still remembers those times too and like me, still loves clouds. I am always amazed by their form, color and textures. I also love what they communicate.

In Between

Sometimes we find ourselves in an uncomfortable place in life. We know there is light somewhere. Getting to the light is the hard part.

black and white abstract art


My time studying in France was so amazing that I consider it my one and only love. I had access to many historical places like Château Noir, the asylum where Vincent Van Gogh was for a time and painting sites from both. I became so fixated on painting, because I just couldn’t get enough. It was rewarding.

I love the town of Aix-en-Provence, the wonderful food found at the open markets, the Plane trees, the amusing French ways and the beauty of ancient and newer architecture. I tried to find a way to stay, but it’s not so easy to do in other countries. Perhaps I should have applied for asylum.

(P1: A French family where I rented a flat, lent me a bicycle. I hauled everything on it, even people. P2: Plein-air painting. P3: Château Noir was still set-up exactly as Cezanne left it.)